Looking for advice


Looking for advice

Hey everyone my name is Anthoney, and I'm 28 years old. I've lost 4 immediate family members to cancer, and I'm looking for advice. Last year I had surgery to have my gallbladder removed, because they found a mass of stones after I went to the ER due to experiencing a lot of pain/ discomfort. Every since my surgery I've been getting really sick, and my doctor's not taking me seriously so here I am. As of two weeks ago I've been noticing that there's large amounts of blood in my stool, and when I wipe after every trip to the bathroom. (My stool is also thinner than usual.) I've been having severe abdominal pain and cramping for the last few weeks as well. Just recently (last few days) I've been feeling the urge to rush to the bathroom, but nothing comes out other than bright colored blood. I went to my doctor with my concerns, and he brushed everything off after simply pressing on my abdomen a few times. I'm scared honestly, but I don't know what to do because I'm afraid that no one will take me seriously due to my age. I'm just looking for advice. 

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You need a second opinion on what is happening with your body,find another Doctor,it could be haemoroids or something else causing it, blood like that needs further investigation until the cause is known.


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Re: Looking for advice

Hi Anthoney,


I agree totally with kj, get a new GP.  Any doctor who dismisses blood coming from the back passage as nothing to worry about needs to be struck from the register.  Your age shouldn't have anything to do with a diagnosis.  If you're passing that much fresh blood, it would be advisable, I think, to go to your ER as soon as you can & get everything checked out properly.






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Re: Looking for advice

Hey Mate


These days you can visit any of these suburban 'GP factories', you just need to take control, sit down with a new doctor (or push your existing one) and say you want to have a colonoscopy and need them to provide a referral.  Then you go and get the test done.


Blood in the poo - well, it can be cancer, sure.  It can also be tears in the rectum from constipation - so if you've ever suffered constipation and strained to poo, don't immediately start thinking BIG C.  Until you know what it is, you don't know what it is .. second guessing isn't helpful.  Be diligent and aggressive in getting it investigated.


I had a tear down there (as a result of constipation from chemo medicine), and I would bleed consistently, gushes of blood, into the toilet - every time, for months.  It's a bit slow healing, and if a tear is serious, you can re-open it pretty easily.


Lastly - let's say it's some kind of bowel cancer - as I understand it, this profile of cancer is one of the more successfully treatable, and also slow-acting.  There are other forms of cancer that can kill you rapidly - a woman can be diagnosed with breast cancer and be dead 2 weeks later, some cancer types are just more volatile and unpredictable than others, I guess .. but bowel cancer (at least by reputation for a layman) is supposed to be one of the better kinds to get (if you have to get cancer).


But you don't know what it is .. until you know.  Push for a colonoscopy, I think for rectal bleeding that's the "go-to" diagnostic procedure.

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