I was not ready to be told they are testing me for cancer and went a bit mind blank.

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I was not ready to be told they are testing me for cancer and went a bit mind blank.



I was called to Nambour hospital for a surgical consult. I assumed that it was regarding a hematoma on my liver that they had found earlier and as the pain had greatly reduced, I assumed it was just a follow up to say that it was self healing as predicted.


I was told that the liver test bloods were good but some other cancer blood test (I went a bit blank and haven't remembered the consult very well) was outside the normal range.


I was told the hematoma lesion was not of interest but a hard mass lesion on the under side is suspect.


I can't even remember what type of cancer the Dr talked about. Colon, bowel and I dont think she mentioned Liver.


I teach mathematics and have tried to look up probabilities of false positives in blood tests.


I have looked up colon cancer and found good survival rates but liver cancer has poor survival rates.


I have been put as category 1 and am having a CT scan next Wednesday and the following Thursday having a colonoscopy and endoscopy.


I would like to know if this is quick in the public health and an indicator that they actually believe I have cancer or is it slow and not likely or don't think it is a serious cancer.

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Re: I was not ready to be told they are testing me for cancer and went a bit mind blank.

Hi Cappsy,

If your asking , is the speed of progression, from blood tests to CT and then colonoscopy and endoscopy, unusually fast, well the short answer is, NO, it happened to me even faster.

I nursed my wife for a long time with cancer. Unfortunately she died in May 2016. In November 2016, six months later, I went to my GP for what everyone was telling me was depression. That was on the Wednesday morning, he sent me for blood tests that afternoon & on Friday I was seeing an Oncologists Registrar at RNS hospital. That was in the morning, in the afternoon I was admitted with probable pNETs. And was having a stent inserted into my bile duct between the pancreas & liver. All of that happened in a period of 3 day.


this is all on the background of being a daily runner (15-18km / day) I worked and looked after 20 odd contractors, and had time to take care of my wife’s need. 

If that is what you’re getting at? I just think our specialist cancer clinicians are way on top of their field. 

I’ve been on the cancer round about, with my wife & now myself for over 10 years. I reel at the efficiency of all the associated departments, working hand in glove, to ensure smooth outcomes for patients.


I really hope the results from your tests and procedures are favourable, that all is clear & you can go home and not feel the need to see us here again. If, for whatever reason you don’t get the news we all hope for, you know where we are. 

Take care, best wishes and keep health




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