Oral cancer

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Oral cancer

I have had a spot on my tongue for a few months.  About a week ago it started to hurt, bad.  I went to the ER, the ER Dr told me it was cancer.  A CT of my neck showed a enlarged lymph node.  Today I saw a ENT that did a tongue biopsy.  He said he was sure it was cancer and I will be fine.  Anyway, I'm grasping here.  I have no pain since the biopsy and the lump in my next hasn't been felt by me since last week.


He said I will need chemo and radiation because if they do surgery, I will lose half my tongue!


I can't even bring myself to tell anyone this.  My husband knows, that's it!

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Re: Oral cancer

Hi Missy413,

That's certainly a daunting prospect - to have your tongue, or even part of it, removed. @Tassiedevil may be able to give you some advice regarding treatments etc. Are you in Australia or the US, as treatments may differ though?
I hope things go well for you.

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Re: Oral cancer

Sorry to hear about your upcoming procedure Missy413. I have ACC in the form of saliva gland cancer that infiltrated part of my tongue so my surgeon had to remove the affected portion, it was also present in the floor of my mouth and two saliva glands. You are no doubt talking to an Oncologist- Chemo team as well as your ENT and Plastic surgeons, if not, why not. Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions, they are only stupid when you find out you should have asked at the time, if you don't know what they are talking about say so, don't take'' I DONT KNOW FOR AN ANSWER'' its not their life in the balance. But in the meantime, how are you dealing with the news that will change your life? I was not a happy camper for a while, but if you ask my wife I never was but that's another topic, and threw all the toys out of the pram. I think before I act now. Maybe you won't have a bad situation after the procedure so we shouldn't put the cart before the horse just yet.   I wish you well Missy413      Craig

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