Ibc or bugbite please help me

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Ibc or bugbite please help me

Hi all, I need advice please.

So Sunday 9th August I had just got back from a trip to the caravan with my family

 I noticed that I had bruised lump on my breast underneath/ side of the nipple, i didn't think anything of it because I'd been in the countryside all weekend and assumed it was a bug bite. Then on Monday it broke out with a huge patch of redness and swelling around the spot and I could feel a lump underneath the spot. The swelling is starting to go down a little bit but the skin still looks bruised and there is a very hard lump around the size of a 10 pence piece underneath the bruised area. Now when i typed in my symptoms to Google IBC was the first thing to pop up and it says it is more common in People of African heritage and more common in younger adults and obese people. I fit into all 3 of these categories as I am only 30, fairly over weight and am mixed race. I still think it could be a bug bite and that I am just scaring myself. Should I wait a few more days to see if the lump goes on its own? I dont no wjat to do as it is my daughters birthday weekend. My breast is sore and tender now. For a few months I have had itchiness under my breast but I thought it was just due to being in a bra all the time and the hot weather we have been having.

Any advice welcome please 


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Re: Ibc or bugbite please help me

No-one can possibly give you a meaningful reply. We are not doctors and we can't give you medical opinions.

What we can do is encourage you to get your lump evaluated by a doctor and to stay off Google while that process is being carried out.

We can support you through the horrible period of waiting and whatever comes after.

Hopefully this is insignificant, but only a specialist can determine that.
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