Ignoring reoccurance - supporting a friend

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Ignoring reoccurance - supporting a friend



It saddens me that my friend is choosing to ignore her reoccurance symptoms and is considering when to "call it quits"


She has a young family, recently divorced after the first treatment of her initial cervical cancer, now she's dating a guy who doesn't know her history, she has the kids part time, so lots of time to dwell on the fact she's not well, and she's feeling a failure in life as the odds are stacked against her. 


Ive talked her out of suicide once already, and I know she's already planned out how... After my last chat with her it sounds very much like she's heading back to where she was that night...


I'm really struggling to find something she's still attached to, to give her hope... 


Is there anything you guys can suggest that may help? I can't force her to do anything. I am a friend and confidant only. I can't sit and watch this unfold, I feel the clock is ticking... 

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Re: Ignoring reoccurance - supporting a friend

Hi @Confidant ,


Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do.  It's up to your friend to change her mindset.  She has to find a reason to want to live.   I assume you've tried to get her to have some counselling?   Because that's really the only thing I can suggest to help her.

I hope things change for the better. 



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Re: Ignoring reoccurance - supporting a friend

Its hard to help someone if that someone already gave up of herself. The best is to seek Professional Counselling as this is their expertise. That's the only help you can give to her based on her condition..

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