Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Hi Guys/Gals


I recently moved from South Africa to Australia on a work-visa (DEC2020) and was only recently (early MAY2021) diagnosed with Melanoma (Breslow 2.3mm and Clark IV on my back from excised biopsy). It's been a emotional few days since the pathology results, I'm due for the PET-scan tomorrow and next week another 'bigger' excision and SNLB to determine metastasis 😞


Hoping to get tons of support and advice on this forum and one-day return the favor to others that are also starting their cancer-journey.

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Re: Introducing myself

Hi Chris, you have my support and having almost completed nearly 7 weeks of radiotherapy I can tell you the support at the hospital has been amazing. I was never left wondering as there was always someone there to help. If that person couldn't answer my question then they got someone who could. 

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