Lindsey - new


Lindsey - new

Hi Everyone my name is Lindsey. I am new at all this but I have been feeling so isolated and alone lately. I did join some face to face support groups but have not managed to start due to Covid19. I am 64 and was diagnosed with a grade 2 Lung cancer in September 2018. I had surgery and went back to work thinking that cancer was behind me and had two clear scans. Back pain in December turned out to be a return of the cancer in a vertebrae and lymph nodes in the chest. I now have stage 4 and am still getting over the shock. I have had 10 radiation treatments and have an appointment with the oncologist in two weeks time. I doubt though that I will be able to see the oncologist and get the CT scan that is required. These are very challenging times for everyone   There are many disadvantaged people who are at risk. Even so for me i do feel more alone than I ever have. Thank you all for being there. Lindsey

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Hi Lindsey, I’m Lindsay too. Sorry to read about your recurring diagnosis.


Like you I thought I was at the management stage. Unfortunately like you again, my tumour has spread.


Im not sure if you live in a major city or regionally, but also like you, I have a oncologist appointment. Mine is this coming Thursday. For that appointment I needed 2 PET scans. Those scans weren’t able to be done at the public hospital. My oncologists PA organised to have them done at the private hospital.


The reason I’m telling you this Lindsey is just to reassure you, even with COVID & those distractions, things still get done. I had my scans completed yesterday & my GP was on the phone earlier today.


Have you spoken to your referring doctor about the CT appointment. Chances are, that can be done privately, PRP? Or another imaging place nearby. Maybe a call to your doctors assistant is worth a shot.


The way I see it Lindsey, if you keep calm, don’t stress over things you can’t control & stay as upbeat as you can, everything will fall into place.


I’m only new to this group too. I find myself up and about at the strangest times. I often read comments posted during the day, and feel uplifted.


Try to keep positive, Coronavirus is just another challenge for us all..... Keep in touch we’re interested in you getting great outcomes & better news than bad.



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