Looking toward a future

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Looking toward a future

I was reading a post from a new member in the early hours of this morning. In the post the contributor was lamenting his treatment and side effects. He wasn’t complaining, but rather looking forward to the completion of the cycle and a relief from his discomfort,


With great grace, our new member wished everyone well. I acknowledged that with a corresponding vibe.


A few hours later, I read an article which referenced a Sydney man, Peter Di Prizini. This man, after much hardship and a marriage breakdown faced the challenge of terminal cancer. He survived the cancer & reckons “visualising what you want for the future is the best way of combating fear”. The article was printed in relation to a COVID-19 editorial, but was written in relation to life, and I agree with him.


Best wishes Bryan, great post, I hope you have a dream to fight for.



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Re: Looking toward a future

Lovely words @Lindsay ❤️



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