Medication: Dexamethasone for cancer end of life

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Medication: Dexamethasone for cancer end of life

My sister was told that she had end of life terminal cancer on June 2021. My sister has breast cancer that has metastasis to the skeleton, mediastinum, liver, stomach & brain/brain stem. She is in home hospice. I really don’t know how to start this. I start to write, and my heart and stomach just sinks into a pit of despair. On Monday, June 7, my sister was admitted to  Hospital because she had nausea and vomiting for 2 weeks and was seeing double for 3-4 weeks and felt off balance and  constipation.  After several tests and MRI, we were told that her Breast cancer has metastasis to the skeleton, mediastinum, liver, stomach & brain. The brain showed right extra-axial mass partial replacing the right sphenoid wing with associated dura thickening. Additionally, there is focal nodular thickening of the dura overlying the occipital lobe with calvarial enhancing lesion. The metastatic disease has significantly progressed.She was going in the hospital every other week and getting magnesium and blood transfusion(Last month of July before release from the hospital she received blood transfusion every other day until her release on 7/27. She was told at the hospital that she had two weeks to a month to live. She is barely 95 pounds (Cachexia). Since July 27, she has been in hospice home care and hasn't return to the hospital. She stayed the whole month of August in her home (Home Hospice) but.... with the Dexamethasone. At times, she can eat her whole plate. My sister has started to sneak out (she needs a cane or walker) and go places to get food. Even though she doesn't eat much. It started on Friday -9/10. She sneaks out with her boyfriend. She has been to IHOP, Home Depot, Seafood Carryout. She is eating a lot of fried foods. The Dexamethasone is an appetite stimulant palliative care patients. She only stays out for a short amount of time but...then she needs to sleep the rest of the time. I also had to call the nurse on Saturday because she didn't want to continue to take the levetiracetam for her brain mets. She didn't take it earlier that day and she started to get nauseous and ended up taking it. I have read some crazy things but... nothing like her. It's sooo weird. How is she able to do some of these things. She is so weak and spends a lot of time sleeping. Has anyone else dealt with anything close to this???

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