Side effects from chemo and anastrozole

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Side effects from chemo and anastrozole

Hi there. I have not  posted in a while but I’ve had my 6 rounds of chemo , a double mastectomy and lymph nodes taken under left arm. I have a port now also as I’ve been put on a clinical trial and so far I’ve had 4/14 cycles. They’re a lot shorter than my original 6 but I feel like it’s never going to end , so many side effects , some not so bad but starting to feel a bit of anxiety and not sure if it’s from taking anastrozole   How do others feel taking this drug.? It kind of freaks me out having to take it for 5 years .  Im

seeing a psychologist tomorrow to discuss my fears about anxiety and depression. Cancer is so much more than  having cancer. It’s everything that goes with it.  The side effects , anxiety , depression or sadness , losing your hair  and breasts  , putting on weight from

steroids, ulcers, heartburn , bloating , gas , lethargy. When does it all end ?   Feeling very down presently. 
I need hope for the future 🥲🥲

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Re: Side effects from chemo and anastrozole

Oh Belinda 😢. So sorry for all your going through. Hopefully you get some good help from the psychologist tomorrow. Yes it is horrible but get all the help you need from people who understand. Sending you lots of love and prayers. Xx Linda G

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