Seeking other women’s experiences of uterine cancer

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Seeking other women’s experiences of uterine cancer

Hello Everyone

I am new here and hope everyone is feeling as well as they possibly can today.

My story ..........

In 2014, I was dignosed with Breast Cancer at a routine mammogram appointment. Wow, such a bolt from the blue and totally unexpected.

My GP said, ok double mastectomy.

I was floored and decided I would get a second opinion which I did as my tumour was only 0.9cm and Stage 1, Grade 1.

I had a lumpectomy and 29 sessions of RT.

I recovered really well and whilst I’d had a big shock, I got on with my life and put it behind me. 
Fast forward 6 years and I started to have pale, watery orange vaginal discharge. I had just started walking 5klms a day and put it down to that as I was nervous about going to the GP with Covid around as my elderly parents live in my house with me.

I left it for a few months then reluctantly saw my doctor who sent me for an internal ultrasound which showed a thickened uterine lining of 9mm. I was referred to a specialist who took a biopsy and fitted a Mirena IUD.

A week later, the surgeon called me and told me over the phone that it was cancer and I needed a hysterectomy which I had last November. Tumour was approx. 5x2cms, had gone through more than half of the myometrium and I had very minimal LVSI.

Stage 1b and Grade 2. 
I had 30 sessions of RT.

I now feel a real mess as I can’t get past the fact that I will be dead in a few years (I’m 63).

I have some antidepressants but I have feelings of absolute terror 4 or 5 times a day when I think of my death.

My GP says I have PTSD from 2 shock diagnoses but that doesn’t take away my absolute fear.

Uterine/endometrial cancer has high chance of recurrence and prognosis is poor.

Is anyone in my shoes who would be happy to correspond please ?

Thank you


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