My dad has a brain tumour.

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My dad has a brain tumour.

He was supposed to have a cyst removed from the back of his head, but obviously that’s not what it was. He told us today and I don’t know what to do or how to react, obviously it’s not about me so I feel like I shouldn’t say  anything. My dad isn’t a warm cosy person, he and I are both generally unemotional. 
We decided I would stop studying my law degree and go out and get a job so I can support them financially.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to respond but a lot of what I read is a child’s reaction to the a cancer diagnosis. I’m a little lost. 

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Re: My dad has a brain tumour.

Hi Elora. So sorry about your dad. I’ve just gone through cancer, a surprise diagnosis.  I just know the emotional support that I got from my kids was such a help.  You’ll just need to be there for your dad, be wise in your decisions about quitting your study. Always ring the Cancer Council for advice. 💕 LindaG 

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