My husband left ...

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My husband left ...


I have had a pretty rough 2 years. Miraculously cheated death 3 times since October 2020. First Malpractice, became very ill and went to ER on day 3, ER doc didn't do blood test just thought I had virus so gave me fluids and sent me home. By day 10 I returned in worse state only to be diagnosed with a perforated bowel which has leaked into my abdomen for 1o days .. apparently I should have gone septic but didn't;. Doctors didn't have much hope that I would live but I did. Was released from hospital in time for Christmas. Then as a result I had 2 more diagnosis. A blood clot from top of hip to ankle. Then a deadly auto immune condition kicked in because my immune system had been obliterated. 

By August 2021, they found the cancer. Cervical. 

My husband had not seemed to cope very well. He buried himself in work. 

I went through the concurrent chemo and daily radiation and weekly under general anesthetic treatment. Came out the other end by Christmas.

As soon as I got the PET scan back, we had a fight and he left.

Now I find out he has taken himself on his dream holiday in Tasmania with his sister and brother .. no mobile range. 

I found out not because he told me but he told my daughter who then had to tell me, which really upset her. 

Also in January straight after I finished treatment I found out my mother had just got a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis, 18 month to live. Which has sent me emotionally spiralling.

I do not get it? How can a man walk out after he almost lost me 4 times? We are married 29 years with our 30th wedding anniversary approaching in 8 months and now I am left knowing I have no choice but to divorce him? 

Does anyone have insight? 

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Re: My husband left ...

Hi Nicole, so sorry about your health, so sorry about your marriage. Sometimes there is no explanation for things that happen in our lives. It all sounds very overwhelming for you as it would be for anyone. Hope you’ve got  family and friends to support you 💕   You can always ring the Cancer Council if you need to talk to someone. They are really helpful. 🙏💕 Linda 

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Re: My husband left ...

Dear Nicole 

my heart and thoughts go out to you in reading your story. 
He’s a coward and he has missed out on such a beautiful person meaning you 

Stay strong 

Hugs to you 

dianna. 🌺🌷🌺🌷🌺

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