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I was recently diagnosed with bile duct cancer, caught early.  I had a Whipple surgery in April of 2022.  I will be starting Chemo in a couple of weeks.


Interested in connecting with others.  I am trying to be positive about chemo...I am concerned about side effects, like everyone.  🙂


I look forward to sharing and listening.



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hi chris, my name is Kristel.  I had a whipple in march also for a bile duct cancer and while I do not have to have chemo at this point, I am struggling with the effects of whipple. I have gastroperiasis, delayed gastric emptying which is causing me no end of nausea.  I feel for you re chemo I have had the thought many times wow I am not well enough to have chemo right now and am very lucky not to need it at this point. I cannot believe how much my life has changed and I cannot believe the anxiety stress that has resulted.  Today I rang PANCARE.   found them very knowledgable, actually the most knowledgeable person I have spoken to about whipple.  I am really quite stressed you get given the operation but then left to fend for yourself regards living with the side effects.  I'm not sure that my comments have helped you in anyway.  Just know that I am hearing you regards your fear of chemo and the side effects.  I wish I could write and tell you it all gets better but I am like you not at the stage yet either,  thinking of you


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