Primary Breast Cancer PLUS Primary Bowel Cancer


Primary Breast Cancer PLUS Primary Bowel Cancer

Hi All, I've been recently diagnosed with bowel cancer and with breast cancer also! Two primaries! Bizarre!

I've had a right hemicolectomy with lymph node removal, (diagnosed Stage III), on 9 November 2021, and a right side  mastectomy, (also diagnosed Stage III), on 29 December 2021, followed 2 weeks later with axillary lymph node removal to right armpit. I am leaving hospital today, managing drain at home with APAC nurse team daily visits. 


Have any of you been in a similar position, with two newly diagnosed cancers, that are separate entities, and need to be treated separately?

Currently, my treatment plan is to have chemo to the more aggressive cancer, then some radiotherapy, then more chemo directed at the second cancer.

I'm scared that the cancer that remains untreated will go wandering off through lymph nodes and metastasise before first chemo treatment has finished.

Do you think I need to be concerned about the second cancer 'bolting out of the paddock', so to speak?



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