Pushing my sister to get a second opinion for uterine cancer?

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Pushing my sister to get a second opinion for uterine cancer?

I have a sister who's in her 30s, and has been bleeding steadily/daily for over 2 years and no one seemed to know why. She said there were a few days where there was nothing or light spotting but otherwise she's been on an endless cycle. We finally convinced her to go to a doctor, who tested her hormones (high cortisol, normal estrogen and thyroid, very low progesterone) and sent her for a vaginal ultrasound. Came back clear, no cysts, no polyps, but with a lining of 16mm. Biopsy was done, normal but had bacterial vaginosis. Told her to lose weight and get in birth control. Now, she's bleeding more it seems, always clotting, says she's up til 3am some nights just bleeding. Doesn't go out for fear of bleeding through her clothes. Went in again, ultrasound was still at 16mm (16 months between ultrasounds), but this time they said "The endometrium is heterogeneous in echotexture, There are no uterine myometrial masses, Abnormally thickened heterogeneous endometrium." They want to do another biopsy, worried it's turned into cancer, but she doesn't want to do it, says it's probably just a weight thing and poor diet, and said since there are no masses or cysts, it can't be cancer. Our mom is a breast cancer survivor, grandpa had several types of cancer, lots of weird autoimmune stuff runs in the family. I don't know what to do, how do I convince her to at least try and rule it out or get a second opinion? I don't know what the heterogeneous echo texture stuff means but I'm so worried about her, any help or advice is deeply appreciated!

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Re: Pushing my sister to get a second opinion for uterine cancer?

Hi Kkdresmith


It makes sense you’re worried for your sister, your family history can’t be ignored. Will you be attending the appointment with your sister? Maybe she’s fearful, either way she will need your support and the company only a sister can offer rather than you sending her into the lions den alone.... 

Maybe suggesting a sister occasion for you both? lunch or dinner somewhere where she won’t be distracted and can clearly hear you without any interruptions,  you both could explore her getting a second test to make sure everything’s okay? 

You can draw on the fact you’ll be there by her. 
Your family’s health history

that she’s not a doctor or dietician to know why she is bleeding 

and that you would really need her to go with you. 

bleeding that frequently must have a major impact on her personal life and intimate affairs. She is denying herself a quality life.


Only you can impress on her the importance that she goes with you to check everything’s okay.


Choose a suitable meeting place, call her make a date and run with it.  Ask her to go have another test. Give it another go. Not trying again may lead to regret. If she’s going to need you you’ll need to commit to her. Remember sister are forever xxx 






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