Question About Lymphoma

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Question About Lymphoma

Hi guys, i’m not sure if I’m doing this right or posting this on the right thing, but this journey has been really hard on me and I’ve seen people post on here that have made me feel better because they talked about their journeys. so maybe hearing advice can help me calm down more. One year ago I noticed a lump on my groin I went to the hospital they told me it was a swollen lymph node they gave me anabiotic‘s and it went away. However it never really went down. I ended up getting a sinus tract right above it, I had bad scars on my armpits from boils, then I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hidranitis Supparitiva. My autoimmune condition creates cyst, that form sinus trucks right above it, which are open wounds, my dermatologist told me not to worry about the lymph node, because it was probably there due to a cyst. I finally was so happy that I got my answer for what was going on, however after they put me on anabiotic‘s for my autoimmune condition, then I got swollen lymph nodes all over my neck, some of the size of a pee, others are the size of a marble, and there’s seven of them, and three of them will not move at all when you press on them. The lump on groin started swelling up again a couple months later after the antibiotics and then swelled down, however this time its swelled up, and it’s gotten bigger, and is painful. Then I got another lymnode on the other side of my groin area. My doctor told me the neck lymnodes are just a side effect from my medication for my autoimmune condition, he gave me antibiotics. However when I explained to him the lymnode on my groin that has been there for a year, he panicked and said “we have to make sure it’s not cancer”‘which made me panic. and he ordered an ultra sound for my groin area. And  the lymnodes have stayed on my neck for two months now, the antibiotics didn’t work to sell them down, and my throat has been sore for two months as well, and I’ve had a harder time swallowing food, I had a really itchy scalp to the point that I would itch it so bad that it would bleed. However my dermatologist just said it was folliculitis , I soon used Head and shoulders shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp and my scalp never itched again. I also did lose a lot of pounds in 2 months, I was 110 then I dropped to 80 pounds, however I went vegan and was in depression and didn’t want to eat,  so I think that played a big role in it and also my medication had a side effect were made me lose weight as well . But I was able to gain 4 pounds in 3 weeks, so now I’m 84. A week after my ultra sound, the radiologist looked over my groin ultra sound said I needed a biopsy. I’m honestly afraid for my life, because I’m afraid that I’ve had the symptoms for a while now and blamed it on the medication and my auto immune condition for one year, but now I’m nervous that it’s actually been a sign of cancer the entire time, I’m only 19, and even more afraid that’s it’s life-threatening. And I’m scared it’s too late. I’ve searched on google everyday and somehow diagnosed myself with like 30 different cancers, and other diseases. I get my biopsy on Monday, did anyone else have similar symptoms ? 

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Re: Question About Lymphoma

Just in case anyone ever sees us in the future and is experiencing the same symptoms, they did another ultrasound on my groin area before the biopsy, and said that it’s just built-up tissue from my autoimmune condition and it’s probably nothing at all. However I am experiencing a lot of pain down there but it could be just my autoimmune condition, but I’m still gonna get that figured out as well and see if it’s related to it.  I do still have to figure out what’s going on with the lymph nodes on my neck, I do have a sore throat and have difficulty swallowing it all started when I started taking my anabiotic‘s for my autoimmune condition ( Bc my skin wasn’t flaring down ). So I’m wondering if it’s just a weird reaction, however I’ve been off the medication for a week and they gave me anabiotic‘s to take away the lymph nodes however they didn’t respond to them, so we’ll see. I’m hoping it’s nothing at all. I’m seeing my doctor soon.

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