Sad and lost

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Sad and lost

Hi name is Marley and my husband has stage 3 non small cell lung cancer. He having Chemo and Immunotherapy and not coping very well. He just sits with his head in his hands and won't talk about it. He gets out of breath very quickly and can't do anything anymore. I don't know what to say to him and I feel so sad. The doctor says no cure, just more time. It's really hard and I just wanted to write it down. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest. 


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Re: Sad and lost

Hello Marley,

First of all thank you very much for reaching out, I am very sorry about your husband's diagnosis.

If you or your husband need to talk to a professional, please call 131120 to see how we could help.

Warm regards


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Re: Sad and lost

Hi Marley. My name is Michelle. I'm 54 and was diagnosed with extensive stage small cell lung cancer 10 weeks ago. I've been having immunotherapy and chemotherapy since the first week and have my last round of chemotherapy this week. I'm so sorry to read about your husbands diagnosis and that he's not coping. We're all different and react to things differently. I have two beautiful granddaughters and a 24 year old daughter who I'm not ready to say goodbye to yet so I'm battling with all I have to get well and buy some more time. They've told me there's no cure and my cancer is inoperable. Most days I'm okay, but some days I also sit with my head in my hands. I'm under a psychiatrist and psychologist and find that ranking helps. Has your husband tried any therapy.? If not, it might be worth a try. I also hope you are taking care of yourself as that's important. Cancer affects more than just us who are diagnosed and I hope you have support as well. I've found taking one day at a time helps. I can't think any further ahead than that as i find that overwhelming. I hope you and hubby find some peace and can reach out for support when it's needed. Take care of each other. Life is short, but precious. Best regards....

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Re: Sad and lost

So sorry you and hubby are going through this Marley It sounds like the combined treatments are taking a lot out of him

Any time you want to share and vent how your feeling come on this site and say what you need to as we are all going through similar  journeys


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