Yes, that was the word use by the ABC news anchor today while speaking to an oncologist from Gavan Cancer Institute. The idea presented by the director was to sequence the biopsies of children with Cancer. And that was labelled Sensational by the news anchor. That should make your blood boil. Why? Because that should be the most elementary thing to do for All Cancer patients. It's known for a very long time that Cancer is caused by an abnormal sequence and the only way to properly see what causes your cancer and to cure it is to have that sequenced. It was under 1000$ per patient several years ago and the price drops every year. We need to ask for a Cancer Patient Bill of rights. The first thing on the list is to have the Cancer properly and fully diagnosed. That means sequencing the biopsy so we know what causes the cancer and, as a result having a chance to find the correct treatment so we survive and there are no relapses. The second thing on the Cancer patient's bill of right should be the right to request for creation of a mouse with the same mutation as our biopsy so we test this potentially deadly treatments on the mouse first and then on the patient. I think that makes perfect sense. I think these 2 minimal rights would increase at least ten fold our chances of survival and similarly decrease relapses. Saying that sequencing your biopsy is a sensational idea is like saying that driving with your eyes open is a sensational idea. It just shows the sad state of medical care for cancer patients. What do you think? All the best, Koala
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