Taken off treatment

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Taken off treatment

I am very angry that I have been taken off treatment , especially at this time of year 

doctors reasoning was its about quality of life not quantity . I feel like he has too many patients and not really looked

into me properly . I never had any

problems with chemo   I lost my hair

and have tingly fingertips that's it

when I wore my wig nobody

would have guessed! I had decided to stop putting my life on hold and study teaching

mext year  just in case I did survive  then he stopped treatment at the time I was just about totally recovered from a fractured heel and asked if

he presumed I had had enough because my fitness level had been affected

by injury 

though I was planning to join gym

he said not. Just that he didn't want to do any irreversible damage an it wasn't shrinking anymore 

well!! Since it stopped tumours quadrupled in size and my life is horrible 

I can't do more than one thing a day

and cough up sputum just about non

stop.  I truly feel I would rather be dead 

I don't get it in the movies it's always

the patient that asks to be taken off treatment   Shouldn't it be my choice if I want to take risk !? If I'm going to die shortly anyway who cares if I lose my hearing in future lol

i would rather have quality of life right now  for my last family xmas



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Re: Taken off treatment

Hi Dan/Roy,

it sounds like you are very angry with your Oncologist, You have not said what type of Cancer you have? By the symptoms you describe with the tingling the oncologist felt it safer to take you off the type of chemo you were on as it sounds like the start of peripheral neuropathy with can be very bad and can last years after treatment, I wonder have you spoken to your Oncologist and taken notes with what you want answers too and his reasons for taking you off the chemo and the symptoms you are experiencing today, I have found that you need to ASK questions also do have a GP they are also a great asset and support.  I hope you get answers to your questions and put on medication to ease your symptoms and your distress, we all just want to live happy & relatively healthy lives. 

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