World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 16

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World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 16

Definitely more funding needed for research to this disease.So there is a better outcome for those diagnosed.

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Re: World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 16

Absolutely @kj!


Here's some of the research that Cancer Council NSW is currently funding for Pancreatic Cancer. I know that the other states and territories would also have research underway as well. You can also see some of the results we've achieved through this research on the same page.


For anyone that is after some information on Pancreatic Cancer, including treatment and diagnosis information, head over here. If you've been newly diagnosed, there's also a handy list of questions you may like to utilise when talking to your doctors and/or treatment teams.


There is also information available, covering the following areas:

And we have a handy PDF booklet which you can download and read at your leisure: Understanding pancreatic cancer. If you'd prefer a hard copy, feel free to ask us or ring 13 11 20, to have one sent out.


We also have other support available, in the form of our Connect program and Telephone Support Group.

  • The Connect program offers one-to-one support telephone support, where you can talk to one of our Connect volunteers who has gone through a similar to experience to your own, providing a unique viewpoint. You can find out more about the program here, or call 13 11 20.
  • Our Telephone Support Group for pancreatic cancer, is actually a partnership between Pancare Foundation and Cancer Council NSW, providing support for people with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Similar to a face-to-face support group, telephone-based support groups run regularly with trained facilitators, where you can share your experiences, seek information and talk with people in a similar situation. You can find out more about them here.
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Re: World Pancreatic Cancer Day November 16

Thanks Kate very informative I will keep the links

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