Taking one for the team

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Taking one for the team

Hi everyone, Aside from birds(terrified of them),one of the things I hate most is having my photo taken.I hate it when people say"that's a really good photo"and you look and think "S..t,didn't realise I look that bad!". Having told you all that,let me now fill you in on my day. Someone wrote a letter to the "letters to the editor' section of the local paper.In the letter they told the story of my cancer and the fact that I am walking in the city to surf to raise money for pancreatic research.I have an idea who it was but I can't prove anything.At lunchtime today I received a phone call from a journo at the paper,she interviewed me over the phone and then came my biggest fear..they took a PHOTO!!!! I hope you all apreciate the fact that not only am I doing this walk(hope the organisers don't pack up and leave before I finish!)BUT I also had to have my picture taken!! Hopefully the story will generate some donations ...mind you,I think there would be a lot more chance of donations if they don't run the photo!Margro
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