Waiting for Biopsy Results

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Waiting for Biopsy Results

Hello, Im new here but I felt I had to join in the hope someone has experienced what Im going through. Good Friday I found a lump in my breast had an ultrasound a few days later. The results showed breast were clear but they found a few swollen lymph nodes in my left underarm. Had a biopsy last Thursday and now waiting for the results. I haven’t been sick and feel fine but have had an all over body itch for weeks. The swollen underarm I noticed a few weeks back also. So I couldn’t help myself and I googled my symptoms and In my gut I feel I have Lymphoma. I have 2 small children and all I can think about is them. Im so worried but most of all so scared! So so so scared! Im sorry I wrote so much but I really have no one else to talk to at the moment! I don’t want to worry my family. Thankyou! 

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Re: Waiting for Biopsy Results

Afternoon @Mamaof2 and welcome!


I can imagine what you're experiencing must be frightening 😐


Have you heard anything back regarding your biopsy results at all?


Sending hugs!!



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