dealing with constant bowel obstructions

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dealing with constant bowel obstructions


Never thought I would be posting on a site like this but there you go.

My husband has inoperable bowel cancer (diagnosed December '22).

He has had a number of blockages and in the last four weeks been hospitalised four times as it seems to be becoming more frequent.

The issue that is affecting us all is providing nutrition.  He has lost so much weight now and has become food obsessed.  As the dietician explained it's like telling a child not to press the red button.  Suddenly the red button becomes a magnet.  Well, this is my darling with food.  Not only do we feel bad for eating but then we feel like we're constantly on his back as we try to stick to a soft diet.  He is constantly sneaking food he shouldn't have and then pays the price by vomiting and sometimes hospitalisation.  Of all the things we have faced together this is proving so difficult.  I have become the food sheriff which means he doesnt like me a lot of the time and the kids (young adults) get extremely upset seeing him eating food which they know isn't best for him.

I need to know if anyone out there in cyber land are suffering or have suffered something similar.  We are at our wits end.  My son is currently having a conversation with him laying it on the line.  His oncologist has told him he's lucky to still be here and that pretty much the next blockage could be his last and it's like he's just playing with fire and bugger the consequence and maybe that's exactly how he's feeling.  I just don't know any more.  Anyhow that's our dilemma.  Thanks

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