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ummm where to start iam 48 a male who was last year diagnosed with non hodgkins MCL it is in the entire lymphatic system and has now invaded the bowel so drs have decided its time to treat.

from next week i am starting r-dhap where ive been told i will need to be in hospital for 5 day during the infusion 

i have been told very little about the treatment except they have high hopes for it to put it into remission has anyone any advise for the journey iam about to under take 

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Hi @jimmy72,

Welcome to this site. I have no information about what you're going to go thru, but I'd just like to wish you the best of luck. My only advice is to read as much as you can on what the treatment involves, write down any questions you have that arise from your research so you can ask & put your mind at rest.
All the best to you.


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