Living Mindfully 8 Week Telephone Group (QLD)

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Living Mindfully 8 Week Telephone Group (QLD)

The experience of cancer can be demanding, both for your body and your mind. Diagnosis and treatment may stir up a range of challenging thoughts and feelings both for the person and their loved ones. Learning new ways of managing difficulties can be useful for all of us, regardless of life stage or the situation we find ourselves in.


Cancer Council QLD will be running an 8 week mindfulness meditation group for people who would like to learn new skills for managing difficult cancer related emotions.


Through the discipline of their own mindfulness meditation practice and guided group discussion, group participants learn to:

  • Focus and calm the mind.
  • Ground attention and awareness in the present moment.
  • Have more choice about how they respond to life’s challenges.

There is an expectation that participants will commit to a daily meditation practice for the duration of the program.


When: August 20th - October 8th

Where: Phone/Teleconference

Time: 1-2:30pm for each session.

Cost: Free


You can register your interest via this form.

Registration closes August 13th.

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Re: Living Mindfully 8 Week Telephone Group (QLD)

Can I ask if this is open to people outside of QLD?

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