Quality of Life - Head & Neck cancer Q&A (VIC)

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Quality of Life - Head & Neck cancer Q&A (VIC)

About 4,400 people in Australia are diagnosed with a head and neck cancer each year. This includes about 1,370 people diagnosed with cancer in the mouth and tongue; 1,000 with lip cancer; 890 with pharyngeal cancer; 590 with laryngeal cancer; 320 with salivary gland cancer; and 170 with nasal or paranasal sinus cancer.


Western Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Services (WCMICS) is organising an educational and networking event for people affected by Head and Neck Cancer to be held in Melbourne.




Date: Friday, July 26th

Time: 10am-12pm

Address: Level 3 Auditorium, 2 St Andrews Pl, East Melbourne VIC 3002


This event is suitable for people living with Head and Neck cancers, along with their carers and families.


The event will involve presentations and an interactive Q&A panel discussion involving:

  • Dr Tsien Fua (PMCC Radiation Oncologist)
  • Wendy Poon (PMCC Nurse Consultant)
  • Lisa Tran (Melbourne Health Dietitian)
  • Two consumers providing insights of their cancer journey and quality of life aspects

Followed by an informal opportunity for attendees to meet, hear and share each other’s Head and Neck Cancer stories and experiences.


This event is free but you will need to register online here.

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