Tackling the urinary challenges of prostate cancer

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Tackling the urinary challenges of prostate cancer

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For many men, urinary side effects after prostate cancer treatment can be challenging.


The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia are hosting their next webcast (this is the same as a webinar), on Wednesday May 6th from 7-8pm AEST.


The webcast will explain the causes of urinary issues and examine a range of treatments to help overcome common side effects such as leaking and difficulty emptying.


They’ll share the wisdom gained from working one-on-one with Australian men and discuss emerging prospects for helping to overcome incontinence. SBS journalist Ricardo Goncalves will take questions from the online audience, delivering an insightful conversation geared to give men practical solutions.


Some of the topics to be covered are:

  • Common side effects and causes
  • Strategies for overcoming discomfort
  • Managing leaks and choosing the right treatment for you
  • Seeking support and affording access to care
  • Knowing who to go to and where to turn

This webcast is free, register your interest here.

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