ENRICHing Survivorship Program

Eating well and exercising regularly, can improve your muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and stamina, as well as your self-esteem and overall quality of life, especially as you complete your cancer treatment and look ahead.


Regular exercise can also help reduce nausea, pain and fatigue, as well as assist in combating anxiety and depression.


ENRICHing Survivorship is a program designed to help restore your physical and emotional well-being after cancer treatment.


What's involved?

The program is facilitated by an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist, a dietitian, a yoga instructor and specially trained volunteers.


Run over 8 weeks, the program involves a face-to-face session for two hours on a weekly basis.


The program covers:

  • a focus on exercise and nutrition to improve your cancer health
  • yoga and mindfulness, that will introduce breathing techniques to help relieve anxiety or stress
  • a focus on peer support to provide you with practical information, as well as active discussion on adjusting to changes post treatment

ENRICHing Survivorship is a program for people in NSW that are aged over 18 and have completed their active cancer treatment. If you have cancer requiring long term treatment, but are feeling well and active enough, you may also be able to participate. A carer or family member may also like to attend with you.


To find out more about ENRICHING Survivorship in NSW, please call 13 11 20 on weekdays, between 9am-5pm.


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