Face to face support groups

A cancer support group is a gathering of people, that provides a safe space for people affected by cancer to share their feelings and experiences, and to make new friends in a safe and supportive environment.


By participating in a cancer support group, people develop a sense of belonging and community, able to share their experiences with others who have had a similar experience.


The Coffs Harbour Women’s Aboriginal Yarning Circle - NSW.


What happens at a support group meeting?

A support group meeting is usually run by one or more people, who facilitate or run the meeting.


A typical meeting could involve a whole lot of laughter as well as tears, but you will also find empathy, acceptance and quite possibly learn something new as well.


Groups also help their members become more informed about their cancers, including treatments and side effects. Some other topics covered may be things like exercise, nutrition and relationships.


Many groups often invite people to speak and present about different topics at meetings. These may be health professionals or someone who has gone through a cancer experience.


How do I find a support group?

To find a support group near you, you may like to try the following:

  • asking your oncologist, GP, social worker or treatment team if they are aware of any locally.
  • checking with the hospital or treatment centre you attend.
  • doing an internet search.
  • contact 13 11 20 between 9am-5pm, weekdays.


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