Aches and pains of aromatose inhibitors


Aches and pains of aromatose inhibitors

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing joint, especially foot pain, from arimidex and whether it's been bad enough to consider going onto tamoxifen. I've been on arimidex just over 12 months. Was on tamoxifen prior to that. However I'm considering requesting to go back on tamoxifen when I see the radiation oncologist in a month or so. I often have to do a lot of walking at work especially when working back late on an event and then find the 12-15 min walk to the station afterwards plus lengthy trip (walking on and off buses and trains, standing between connections) really difficult. Also kneeling to get things that are low down. Has anyone else had this experience and any suggestions. I'll be seeing a podiatrist tomorrow to see what he can recommend. Thanks Deejjay
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