Blood count reduced after Chemo


Blood count reduced after Chemo

Hi All Just thought I`d share some of the things I have been learning through my Chemo Journey.I have lung and thigh cancer and am being treated on Gem/Carbo and Dex. I am finding out how much these drugs can affect your blood count.I have had 1 bout of a virus (3 days in isolation) 2 blood transfusions for Hemoglobin problems and have now had my Chemo treatment delayed for two weeks due to Neutrophil and Platelet problems (These were picked up on weekly blood tests)Getting a bit confused (and probably paranoid) I rang Cancer Council,and yes, they confirmed this can be the "Speed Bump" you hit at times during your Cancer treatment, and normal Chemo treatment is not advised until your blood count is at a sufficient stage to resume.In the meantime,as with any decreased Blood cell count, care and hygiene should be observed, including trips out in Public where there are lots of people.I`ve recently lost my Sister (3 days ago) to lung cancer, and have forgone the attendance of her Funeral (I`m in Cairns..she is being buried in Melbourne), but I am FULLY expecting to visit her Grave as soon as my Health lets me.In the meantime I will "Battle on" receiving Chemo as my body lets me. Greg
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