Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy

I recently had a Bowen Therapy session and found it to be really helpful in managing pain. Bowen therapy is different in that it is very gentle; no painful adjustments. The practitioner finds certain points in the body and applies gentle pressure to it, in a sense resetting the body. I had a bilateral mastectomy in Oct and find that my back, shoulders and neck feel tight and sore on a regular basis. If you experience any soreness it is worth giving it a go.
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Re: Bowen Therapy

I've seen a Bowen therapist for years, before diagnosis. For any ailment I'd suggest trying it. You don't even have to get undressed for most pure Bowen therapists.
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Re: Bowen Therapy

Hi Miss Ren

not sure if you’re still writing on this forum but I would love to use your quote as I now practice Bowen since I had cancer and went to a clinic in Germany 

would it be ok?

thank you


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