Cannabis for coping with side effects?

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Cannabis for coping with side effects?



have any one of you tried using cannabis along side chemo and/or radiation therapy?


If yes: 


1. What was your cance diagnosis and your primary treatment (chemo or radiation, or both)?

2. What effects (and side effects) did you experince using cannabis?

3. What kind of cannabis did you use (strain, if oil - what ratio of CBD/THC and percentage)?

4. How did you take cannabis (smoke, vape, ingesting oil)?

5. What was your dosis?


My father is diagnosed and I am trying to collect as much info possible in order to help him in all ways I can. 


Best Regards,


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Re: Cannabis for coping with side effects?

My daughter knows someone who uses cannabis oil for Multiple Sclerosis.  She either got some from him or bought some.  Not sure.


I can't tell you what strain exactly.  She organised an afternoon where we would both try it.  She wanted to try it with me so I wouldn't feel alone.  My eldest daughter came along to supervise.  When my youngest son wanted to come and visit at that particular time I had to put him off by telling the truth.  I felt very embarassed but he accepted it readily.  


Our cannabis was frozen.  We put a little bit in a glass ad sat it on the fireplace to defrost.  We used 1.3mg in a syringe.  My daughter had it straight.  I mixed it up in a little bit of jelly.  We tried this before I started radiation therapy so I didn't really have any symptoms yet.  What I noticed was a complete relaxation and a stiffness I've had in my neck for a long time - eased.  I'd had valium leading up to surgery which did very little to relax me and this was much better in that respect.  My daughter had a little bit more than me and she got the giggles which I'm glad I didn't get.  


It was an interesting experiment and I will be quite happy to explore this further in the future.  Let me know how you go if you try it.  I've actually ordered some online but it hasn't arrived yet.  I was worried that if my daughter was drug tested by police while driving over next few day, that cannabis woud show up in her test.  I've since read that this type of cannabis does not show up in drug tests.

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Re: Cannabis for coping with side effects?

No cannabis, but my mother used acupuncture and herbal medicine to manage nauseous and pain post-chemo.

She researched different methods, but wasn't comfortable with cannabis because of the legality problem so she tried chinese medicine. I don't have the details, but she feels a lot better after every visit.

Hope this gives you some inspirations for other ways of managing side effects.

Stay strong, love and hugs!

Warmest regards.
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