Clinical trials and pancreatic cancer

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Clinical trials and pancreatic cancer

In the LIVE FORUM on "Clinical Trials and Pancreas Cancer" held on August 5, many of you wanted to know more about Clinical trials, where are they, what does the language around Clinical Trials mean and how can I easily find information about Clinical Trials to discuss it with my doctor?The Cancer Council NSW Pancreatic Support Project is translational research. That means we work together with the NSW Pancreatic Cancer Network (see website) to respond in the shortest possible timeframe to your concerns and queries.NSWPCN has established a 'user friendly' page on their website to address your queries as raised during the Live Forum in August.Please copy this link to go directly to the Introductory Presentation: and then browse the site at your leisure.I am interested in your feedback so that we can continue to bring to you the best service Make a note in your diaries now for the next LIVE FORUM NOVEMBER 25 6pm-7pm, "Coping with the Festive Season".  Watch this space for more information. Helen GoodenPancreatic Support Project Coordinator
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