Fec round 3

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Fec round 3

I thought Iwould have bounced back by now, day 10 after round 3 but I'm as flat as a tack any ideas?
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Re: Fec round 3

Hi Ping, It does build up so each round will probably be slower to recover from than the last. It's just a matter of waiting until it passes. I didn't have FEC, I had 4 x AC followed by 4 x Taxol. After the 4th AC was by far the worst but I was then glad to find that the Taxol didn't keep building on top but started fresh. Rest as much as you need but it is helpful go for a walk if you're up to it. Or at least go outside. I remember going for a walk with my Mum & for a change I was the one needing to sit and rest. Best wishes Allicat
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