Hi I'm new..

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Hi I'm new..

Hi, my name is Meggsie and I'm new. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Sept 2012, then I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Jan 8th 2013. Whilst dealing with 2 primary cancer's, I got gangrene of the toe caused by a clot that had flicked off during one of the operations and hit my little toe blocking the blood supply, so 3 hospital visits later to try and fix that problem in between a chemo treatment for my breast cancer.. I get a call from my thyroid rad professor to say I had to come in ASAP re bone test.. Seem's that my bones have aged 30 yrs in less than 6 years and I have emphysema to boot. I may be looking at a hip replacement! I cannot believe it all, every day I am at one doctor or the other, along with bloods, meds and test.. Oh well back for chemo on Monday, no rest for the wicked..
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