Intermittent Hormone Therapy

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Intermittent Hormone Therapy

I  am 62 and was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and underwent a radical prostatectomy in October where they discovered the cancer had spread further than the prostate itself (localised spread at that stage) and there were some complications following surgery which have prevented any follow up radiotherapy for at least a year. Since then my PSA readings started to shoot up and so I have been put on hormone therapy with a 6 month injection.  PSA levels have now come down to a low level but my consultant has stated that I will need to stay on hormone therapy - possibly for life! I am not keen on this idea as the side effects have not been good for me. I have read that intermittant hormone therapy (say 6 months on and 6 months off) can be just as effective but with reduced side effects but my consultant does not seem keen on this approach.

Has anyone here had any experience of intermittent hormone therapy and is able to offer any advice / comment??


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