Post Whipple Pain/Malabsorption/Creon - Help!

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Post Whipple Pain/Malabsorption/Creon - Help!

My husband is 2 months post- Whipple after chemo and radiation. He needs 4 more rounds of 5FU. 


He lost weight after surgery and Creon was Prescribed for malabsorption. He had severe pain in lower bowel area at night and still did not gain weight.


They tried 2 weeks off Creon and no pain, but lost weight.


New higher dose Creon. Number of bowel movements decreased but pain back - only at night.


Has anyone else experienced this!

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Re: Post Whipple Pain/Malabsorption/Creon - Help!



When you say pain at night do you mean when laying down or is it after the days meals are eaten,it can take your body a long time to adjust after a Whipple ,I had malabsorption for over a year it took ages for me to have any weight gain,the chemo does not help with diarrhoea ,I still take creon occasionally years later,what kind of pain do you mean is it the pain before a bowel motion and then diarrhoea or continuing  pain.Are they putting the pain down to the creon or something else.

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Re: Post Whipple Pain/Malabsorption/Creon - Help!

Is it neuroendocrine tumour (NET) of the pancreas, or pancreatic cancer? If a NET, there are support groups here and worldwide that would benefit your hubby. The UK is particularly on top of this.

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