Post surgery and radiation treatment side-effects for prostate cancer

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Post surgery and radiation treatment side-effects for prostate cancer

I have gone thru the surgery and radiation treatment phases for prostate cancer and am now confronted with many unexplained severe aches and pains and confusion. Further tests have revealed "all OK". Has anyone experienced anything like this post treatment?
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Re: Post surgery and radiation treatment side-effects for ...

G'day tblacker How long since you had the surgery and radiotherapy and did you have hormone therapy as part of the treatment? I've had radiotherapy, three times, and surgery for prostate cancer over the last eleven years, plus intermittent hormone therapy. I had significant confusion the firs time around, so much so that I did not want to got back onto Zolodex ever. When other options ran out and I had to go back on it I managed, probably because I knew what to expect. I also had a number of unexplained aches and pains that variously got attributed to, bowel spasming, hernia, adhesions, etc. Eventually after several years things settled down and I now use these aches and pains to monitor how I am progressing - some people call it listening to your body. That's a bit new age for me. Following the radiation I can remember fatigue, some confusion and general disorientation. My GP put it down to stress and prescribed valium!! Actually a small dose of valium helped, it is a smooth muscle relaxant and the dose I was taking was too small to have any psychological effects. Can you give q bit more detail? Regards Sailor He who lets the sea lull him into a sense of security is in very grave danger. Hammond Ines

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