Stomach distention

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Stomach distention

Hi My mother in law has asked me to find out about stomach distention. My father in law has cancer in the liver, lungs and bones (from melanoma). He's in his final weeks it seems, although my MIL is trying now to find other ways to save him. She wants to know if there are other ways (naturally) to help get rid of the fluid retention. It's very sad as it's way too late now, but I want to at least ask. Also they have said they'll do radiation on his hip and back, (which are intensely painful for him) but they said the pain might get worse, even if just for the first 3 weeks (The Dr said he may only have 4 weeks to live). Just wondered if anyone has any experience with radiation and if it got better or worse temporarily. He's so advanced with the cancer, very frail, fluid retention not only in abdomen but also his legs and feet. Thank you for any advice xo
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