Very Little Taste after 5 Years

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Very Little Taste after 5 Years

I had 33 treatments of proton radiation.  This was five years ago and fortunately no return of base of tongue cancer.  My problem is with my taste.  The residual effects of the radiation has left me with very little taste.  I understand that most people, who have gone through radiation, get most, if not all, of their taste back.  Can anyone recommend something to help me improve my condition?  I am thankful that the cancer is gone, but would love to improve my taste.


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Ron Hutchison 

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Re: Very Little Taste after 5 Years

Hello CamperRon,

Thank you very much for sharing your expercience with our community.

I am very happy to know that you are cancer free!! and sorry that you are still having issues with taste.

I would like to share with you a link that provides some information about radiation side effects and the loss of taste. I hope you find it helpful.


Kind regards


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