duodenal cancer - my father

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duodenal cancer - my father

Hi all,


thanks for listening my story. My father has diagnosed with duodenal cancer with stage 4 in May 2018. One year past, we had 12 times chemo therapy and another twice new drug chemotherapy, totally 14 times until now. But it seems the tumour progresses now. 


So I want to try the immunetherapy—-PD1 or PDL1 . But I don’t have any data or research about it using for duodenal cancer/small intestine cancer. Can anyone know about it? How many of using this new therapy?


Hope can hear from you, thanks.



Ivy J 

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Re: duodenal cancer - my father

Oops...accidentally posted nothing.
Was going to say sorry i cant help but i hope all the best possible for you and your dad.
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Re: duodenal cancer - my father

It is ok. Thanks for asking. My father is only 55 years old now. I hope the immune therapy can really help him.
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