radiation therapy - What to expect?

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radiation therapy - What to expect?

My partner has just been diagnosed with cancer and will probably need to have radiation therapy. What can we expect?
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Re: radiation therapy - What to expect?

Hi Rockn I am very sorry to hear that your partner has cancer. It can be a very difficult time especially as so much is unknown for you both. It is very hard to answer your question without knowing where the cancer is and whether your partner is having any other form of treatment. At the very least I can say that the radiation oncologist who is treating your partner should be able to give you information, and it is a very good idea to ask lots of questions of any health professionals who are treating your partner. In my experience, ie of breast cancer, the first thing that happens is that you are measured up so that the radiation can be give exactly where needed. After that, in my experience, each treatment was given very quickly but the type of cancer will dictate how many treatments there are. The radiation also made me very tired, but it did follow surgery and chemo, and I experienced some soreness. As I said, without knowing anything about your partner' specific illness it is hard to tell you anything more. Very best of luck with everything.
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