Hi Everyone. I'm 31 years of age and in April I had finished my daily job and attended a dinner with friends and that night woke up vomiting. Of course my partner and I thought I had food poisoning until later that night (2.30am) my partner woke to me having a seizure and I was rushed into hospital. After MRI scans I was told I had a grade 3 astrocytoma brain tumour behind my right eye. I had this operated on within three days and as the surgeon at the Royal Melb told my family she completely cut n cured this out oft brain. I have cells in my brain ( yukky type ) left over and today will be my 19th radiotherapy treatment. Most if my friends and family are all from South Australia so I am very new to this all and do find I have great days but other days I'm filled with anxiety and worry. I'm surrounded by positive people and have been recommended I join this. And I have enjoyed reading some of your stories too...
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