Dear everyone, I was just looking at the stats and noticed that we are only 4 people away from reaching 1000. I think it is very important to see how every day we are reaching more and more people affected by cancer. Let's remember that there are more than 100,000 people diagnosed with cancer every year in Australia and that our community makes a difference in all the people that are part of it in a very difficult time of life. I will post more details on how wide in Australia we are reaching once I am back in the office Raul
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Holy cow! That is awesome that this site is reaching across Australia and nearly has 1000 users. It goes to show that this form of communication is a valuable way of connecting people affected by cancer and a valuable way that individuals can also have a place to express themselves. well done Cancer Council Raul - I so look forward to having you back here, as it has not been the same with out you there for us all 24 / 7.
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