Wow, 3653 days ago, my worst nightmares were unfolding... the news the tumour was too big & too close to the major vein down my left leg, to be removed as part of day surgery! Referral to another specialist and the Roller Coaster ride picked up terrifying speed! I held on for "dear life" .... in 34 days time it will be 10yrs, since the "MAJOR" Op. So I am on the BIG count down.... not sure what that'll mean being in "Full Remission", but it's been a goal since Day minus 34 ... I thank God for an early diagnosis, the will to survive and the strength to overcome each and every hurdle! For those currently going through this awful disease - try to STAY POSITIVE and STAY FOCUSSED on that END GOAL... I know it's hard, I still have "Bad Days" and "Fragile Days". I wouldn't recommend the journey to anyone, but for those currently on the "BIG C" Roller Coaster, I pray you all make it to the end of the ride and "FULL REMISSION".
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