I am an gym/oncology nurse. My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 years ago. This has been an unique challenge. I work with ovarian cancer patients every day as their nurse navigator and support nurse. When my mom was diagnosed I initially thought that this was a good thing that I know so much about the disease and treatment but not so much now. Mom was just diagnosed with brain mets 2 weeks ago(not very common in ovarian cancer) and had gamma knife radiation last week. Each day my mom surprises me with her strength. I have an older brother and younger sister. I was the one always in control. Always knowing what to ask the doctor and how to manage symptoms of the disease and chemotherapy. Lately I find that I am having a hard time coping. I have extreme worry and anxiety knowing how my mom will succumb to this horrible disease. Today I think I can finally assign a name to it... Anticipatory Grief. If anyone out there is feeling like me I would b grateful for any kind of input.
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Read the post "head and neck cancer". Another lady seems to be going through the same thing with her mother. You may really understand each other . Her mother's cancer was recently diagnosed but now terminal.
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Hi,I feel for you,sometimes I think I know to much about what is going to happen to my darling husband who has stage 4 terminal lung cancer and mets to his brain and other areas in his body. Like you,I believe I am going through Anticipatory Grief as I studied the stages of grief counselling as part of my social work and counselling career. Thank you for sharing this with me as I can relate to your anxiety and extreme worry,I have put a lot of pressure on myself because of my own expectations to remain professional and strong. Nothing could be further from the truth. May the light shine on you and your mom. Dotty
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