wow its now 11 days down and 17 to go. still feelin ok within myself so that's good. i am expecting my husband this weekend so i am so excited about that. just wish he could bring the rest of the family and the grandies. i have a long weekend this weekend as they service the machine so i dont have to go back until Tuesday. will be nice to have a break. cheers Jodielee (Linda)
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Hi Linda, Glad to hear that you are feeling ok within yourself. Enjoy your looooonnnnnnnggg weekend and the time spent with your husband. It would be very hard with your family being so far away. I am sure the grandies will be looking forward to seeing you again when you get home. My boys saw my mum today for the first time in 3 weeks (she was lucky enough to be away cruising the Rhine for work) and it is always special to see that little re-union. Take care.....
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