never came. She died yesterday. The whole time, whenever I thought about her disease, I either felt upset, angry or thought about silly questions like why. I knew all those thoughts and emotions were meaningless. Now, even though I still feel the sadness, I'm surprised, because it's the first time i thought "I love you". My senseless anger and disbelief were raging all along and i never really stopped to just appreciate her. How honoured i am how and lovely it was, to have her grace my life. Thank you everyone that read my entries and gave me advice. I doubt I'll return to this site. It's just my selfishness, wasnting to complete this. wish you all the best
Dear Camel, My sincere condolences for the passing of your friend. We dont seem sometimes to appreciate people, because they are always there and when they are not its devastating. I lost my lovely wife of 40yrs 21/12 11, due to this terrible disease that has no reason to exist other than to cause heartache and pain. A lot of people share your sadness and pain. I am going to a Bereavement Support Group tomorrow to talk to others that have lost someone close, it may help. Wombat4
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Dear Wombat, My heart goes out to you. Where does your life go now, life can be so hard. Mignon
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It was good returned here at least to express your thoughts and feelings . You did the right thing by your friend .
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Dear Camel, Sorry for the loss of your friend. It is not selfish to come back and express your thoughts here, and also let us know what happened. Even though in one way the story is over in another way it continues as you will remember her & still be effected by her. Wombat - I'm sorry for your loss. It must be very difficult. I hope the Bereavement Support Group was some help.
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